Thursday, May 26, 2005

website, star wars and mix tape (soundtrack: Patrick Wolf)

So since setting up my blog and poisting the rather crappy first message you see below, i've been thinking lots about what to put on here today. I haven't really come to a firm decision on anything so thought I would just start typing and see what happens...

Just been doing some updates to (my website), just updating my music collection, fiddling with the main page and linking to here. I've been going through my old festival pictures with a mind to putting them up but just havent had time tonight, so will have to see if i can tomorrow. Its weird going through them and seeing how young we look, even though its only 2 or 3 years ago. Oh the innocence of youth. etc. Does remind me of how much fun we used to have at reading, and makes me want to go again, but then that depends on:
a) lineup, and nowadays i've usually seen most bands playing at least once, so it'll have to be pretty special to make me go
b) hannah definitely doesn't want to camp again. i dont really mind but if i went alone i'd feel pretty guilty for leaving her behind for 4 days
c) finding enough people to go with
d) money
e) etc.
Hopefully when i've got a proper paying job i'll be able to do more gigs in general and maybe festivals (and i could cheat and stay in hotel rooms.)

Me and H (finally) went to see Revenge of the Sith today. Better than I thought, but still lots of little bits that just make it a weird experience, like Obi Wan on the stupid CGI gecko creature, etc. For the second half it was like experiencing what all the prequels should have been like, actually interesting stuff happening that has some effect on episodes IV-VI, but half a film doesnt make up for 2 and a half films of merely good sci-fi. Again too much CGI, and as always if there's that amount then a few bits are bound to look awful. Overall though pretty great, though i do have the problem of trying to work out whether i'm watching lacklustre performances or just good actors being ruined by awful dialogue. I think the former is the case with Hayden C, and the latter the case with Sam Jackson, Natalie Portman, etc. The only person who really stands out is, surprise surprise, Ian McDiarmid as Palpatine, who is obviously the only human actor who was in the original trilogy (and no Kenny Baker and Anthony Daniels definitely don't count). Matt cancelled on us which is kind of annoying as makes me feel bad that he'll have to find someone else to go with as Mike doesn't want to go. Should have pulled a sicky methinks.

Anyway at this very second i'm listening back to a mixtape I made for someone in America as part of the International Mixtape project thingy I signed up to. It's the first one I'm sending to America so I decided to make it all British stuff. Tracklist is:

  1. Patrick Wolf – The Libertine (Wind In The Wires; 2005)
  2. Franz Ferdinand – Take Me Out (Self Titled, 2004)
  3. Bloc Party – Like Eating Glass (Silent Alarm, 2005)
  4. Art Brut – Emily Kane (Bang, Bang, Rock & Roll, 2005)
  5. The Smiths – Cemetry Gates (The Queen Is Dead, 1986)
  6. Maximo Park – Apply Some Pressure (A Certain Trigger, 2005)
  7. Bloc Party – Banquet (Silent Alarm, 2005)
  8. The Damned – New Rose (Damned Damned Damned, 1977)
  9. Mansun – Inverse Midas (Six, 1998)
  10. Mansun – Anti-Everything (Six, 1998)
  11. Massive Attack – Teardrop (Mezzanine, 1998)
  12. Aphex Twin – Windowlicker (Windowlicker EP, 1999)
  13. Manic Street Preachers – Archives Of Pain (The Holy Bible, 1996)
  14. Super Furry Animals – Ice Hockey Hair (Ice Hockey Hair EP, 1997)
  15. Teenage Fanclub – Ain’t That Enough (Songs From Northern Britain, 1997)
  16. Belle And Sebastian – Get Me Away From Here, I’m Dying (If You’re Feeling Sinister, 1996)
  17. The Coral – Dreaming Of You (The Coral, 2001)
  18. The Futureheads – Hounds Of Love (Self Titled, 2004)
  19. Pulp – Acrylic Afternoons (His ‘N’ Hers, 1994)
  20. The Stone Roses – She Bangs The Drums (Self Titled, 1989)

Has worked out pretty well methinks. All the transitions sound pretty good, especially for the first few tracks. Had to stick on Inverse Midas or the start of Anti Everything sounds stupid, but it works pretty well overall. Anyway I'm off to watch some of a Korean film called Taegukgi, which I saw recommended on and apparently has a guest spot from Min-Sik Choi of Oh Daesu fame, which should be good. Tomorrow got to revise in the day, but will be going out for lunch with Hannah and her Mum as she's coming down from London to take her shopping. Think me and H might go to TGI Friday's in the evening, which should be good. Maybe post something else on here then.

Night Night All (if there's...anyone...out there...)