Friday, May 27, 2005

ch-ch-ch-ch-changes (listening to: pulp / we love life)

Hmm. Okay. new look for the blog and change of name aaaand change of address. I figured as I enjoy doing mixtapes so much, and generally like getting people intonew music that i'd do an mp3 blog instead. there's also the fact that it gives peoplea reason to visit rather than just reading my random rants.

It'll try to post stuff that's generally older and a bit more obscure so that hopefully people will be able to hear stuff they haven't before and keep coming back. will have to try to get linked to some other mp3blogs in order to get some visitors methinks.

so anyway gotta do work this afternoon but tonight if i get the time betweenwatching lost finale and martha wainwright+van morrison+frankblack+eels (!) on jools hollandi'll try to post a first song.
tata for now.