Sunday, September 04, 2005

MP3: Q Lazarus - Goodbye Horses

Change of pace for tonight, thought i'd forget about the old indieish bands and give you another random oddity along the same lines as good old Karel Fialka from a month or so back. Tonight's MP3 is a rather bizarre rarity from an artist called Q Lazarus. The song is named Goodbye Horses and was featured on that scene from Silence Of The Lambs. You know, that one. With the penis.

Anyway it's a pretty damned catchy piece of eighties ambient technopop, with a heavy dose of goth and just about the most androgynous vocal i've ever heard. I was really shocked to find out that this was a woman. Maybe you won't be know i've told you and you've seen a picture, but really, it sounds demented. There's a lot of mystery surrounding who the hell Q Lazarus was, as she's only known to have recorded 2 or 3 songs at the most, this one for Silence Of The Lambs (also featured in the film classic Married To The Mob) as well as a David Byrne-penned song called Heaven for the soundtrack to Philadelphia (also directed by Lambs' Jonathan Demme).

Other than that, nothing is known whatsoever. Rumour has it that Demme discovered her whilst she was working as a taxi driver in New York, only to get her to go into a studio specifically to record Horses. After her work on the two soundtracks mentioned, and after Horses was released as a single, not much else is known. For a little more info you can check out this page, but whatever you do, please don't listen to any of the music by the band that set up that page. Please. Anyway the song deserves to be put up just for the cult status it's achieved through being in Lambs, and also from the cool factor it achieves just from being in a film which also featured The Fall's Hip Priest on the soundtrack. Nice.

Download: Goodbye Horses - MP3 3.94mb (rapidshare)


Anonymous Joey said...

My God that guy looks like Fish.

8:46 pm, September 12, 2005  
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8:00 am, October 23, 2005  
Anonymous Pete said...

I totally agree, this is a song that deserves cult status. Its such a haunting 80's sound - i really like it. TBH i thought it was a depeche mode song when i first saw the film. Its strange that she didnt cash in off the back the films i wouldnt have blamed her.

1:44 am, October 30, 2005  
Anonymous VooDoo said...

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Blogger Ethiopia42 said...

That song has haunted me for years, sometimes I would re-watch the fil just to try and see in credits who it was. I listen to it now incessantly. Am using at as a ceremonial break up with abusive Ethiopian husband whom I truely believe is an abusive repressed homosexual.

12:53 pm, March 17, 2006  
Blogger Marmaven said...

Greatest haunting melody of all time. The guy in the movie that played jamie gumb is now the police chief on TV's "Monk" series with Tony Shaloub.

11:17 pm, April 18, 2006  
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