Friday, August 04, 2006

Arthur Lee of Love dies in Memphis, age 61

Arthur Lee, the singer and main composer of the band Love, died yesterday at 5pm EDT in a hospital in Memphis, due to the effects of Leukemia. A press release from Arthur's manager reads:

Arthur Lee died peacefully at Methodist Hospital in Memphis, a little after four in the afternoon Aug 3, 2006 with his wife Diane by his side.

"His death comes as a shock to me because Arthur had the uncanny ability to bounce back from everything, and leukemia was no exception. He was confident that he would be back on stage by the fall.

"When I visited with him recently, he was visibly moved by the stories and pictures from the NYC benefit concert.

"He was truly grateful for the outpouring of love from friends and fans all over the world since news of his illness became public.

"Arthur always lived in the moment, and said what he thought when he thought it. I'll miss his phone calls, and his long voice messages, but most of all I'll miss Arthur playing Arthur's music."

More news on this very sad event here and here. More info on Arthur Lee here. He was a true genius. Rest In Peace.


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