Friday, June 24, 2005

Degree Results and Glasto Stuff (Soundtrack: Patrick Wolf / Lycanthropy)

Hello there. This morning me and my girlfriend both got First class honours in our respective degrees, which rocks very very much. Anyway thought I would post links to some interesting Glastonbury related blogs in case, like me, people weren't able to go but still want to know what's going on (without having to put up with Jo Whiley). Good stuff at all of these:

BBC Glasto Blog
Q Glasto Blog

Apparently Ryan Adams has pulled out due to illness, which is a bit worrying for me as I've got tickets to see him in London next thursday. If he cancels that it'll be the second time he's cancelled a gig i've had tickets for, and suffice to say, I won't be pleased. New Mp3s will be up here either tonight or tomorrow evening depending on what i'm up to.