Sunday, June 19, 2005

MP3: Wilt / It's All Over Now & Never Enough

Now I was going to put up some Kerbdog mp3s, as a recent blog post I saw reminded me of how fantastic they were, but as I can't seem to find any CDs lying about, I thought i'd stick up some Wilt instead. Wilt were an Irish three piece who comprised of two members of the much missed Kerbdog (who split in 1996) - singer / guitarist Cormac Battle and drummer Darragh Butler, plus a new bassist, Mick Murphy. Rather more poppy than Kerbdog but still in the same vein, the band released a number of singles, including It's All Over Now, Open Arms and Radio Discos, all of which came out in 1998/1999. These featured on their debut album, “Bastinado”, which came out on Mushroom in 2000, got good reviews but didn't sell very many copies.

Wilt toured with the rather fantastic Seafood (who in their early days were amazing live, I got to see them with Muse and Cay in 1998) and with the rather awful Reef. As far as I can find out they went on to release three more singles (Understand, Distortion, and Take Me Home) in 2002, all of which were taken from their second album My Medicine. After that they swiftly disappeared. I haven't really been able to find much stuff about them online so apologies for the lack of accurate details. The only link I can provide you is to a rather old fansite for Kerbdog, but lets admit it, they were the vastly superior of the two bands.

The two MP3s are half of the debut It's All Over Now/Working For The Man double A-side single, as well as its bside Never Enough, both of which demonstrate their sound pretty well. More recently, by the way, Kerbdog reunited to play a show in Ireland, but since then I haven't heard anything else about future touring or recording. Enjoy.

Download: It's All Over Now - MP3 2.99mb (rapidshare)
Download: Never Enough - MP3 3.76mb (rapidshare)