Tuesday, June 07, 2005

MP3: Inimenter / This Time & Blunt

Okaaaaaaaay, another couple of MP3s for you. Hmm the best way for me to describe Inimenter is....kind of like...Lost Prophets, but not shite. Actually no no that's wrong, and don't be put off. They're more like a high energy mixture of pop, rock, metal with a little bit of keyboards in a sort of Symposium/Kerbdog/Wildhearts classic Britrock vein. Great combination I think so its a shame they only released this one single on Org. They were supposed to follow it with a mini album on Org called Vicious Joy, but that failed to come out (they later put the songs on their now defunct website), and I believe they split soon after. Maybe something to do with the awful name, or maybe something to do with lack of radio play? Have to say I never heard them on the radio. However by reading a contemporary biography from Org here, you can see that they were getting some good press.

I never got to see the band, or to hear any other songs but from what I hear they certainly seemed to have some potential. The good news is that from doing a little research I found that they've basically reformed under the name After Suburbia, are gigging around Essex, Chelmsford etc and have just released an EP. You can check out their official site and some prime mp3s here. I've no idea what they sound like, cos i'm far too busy listening to Patti Smith and reading Lester Bangs. Do it yourself, and (i hope) enjoy.

Download: This Time - MP3 3.06mb (rapidshare)
Download: Blunt - MP3 2.48mb (rapidshare)

Something else rather cool I thought I would mention is that someone has uploaded a torrent of last year's John Peel tribute night at UK Nova, so if you're one of the clever folks who can work em, it's DEFINITELY worth checking out, if only just to see Peel's shed full of records.


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