Monday, September 12, 2005

Video: The Arcade Fire on Top Of The Pops, 11th September 2005

Okay bit of a treat tonight. I was gonna get going with the Dark Star article, but was so impressed with The Arcade Fire's performance on Sunday's Top Of The Pops that I thought I would put it up. Now i've seen the band live before so I knew how great they are, but I think this clip just reinforces for me what a truly unique and fantastic band they are, and luckily also makes me realise that they haven't yet been ruined for me by the vast amount of hype. It's rather amusing how the NME seem to have only just cottoned onto how good they are. Seems that nowadays the lengths of their investigate journalism go about as far as watching a headliner at of the biggest festivals in the country. Anyway hopefully now that the band have decided to go record the next album, we should have a refreshing break before the horrific amount of anticipation begins ready for the followup. They have my pity.

Another great thing about this video is that it demonstrates how funny it can be when the world of pop music momentarily meets with something that usually would be a mile apart. Good examples are the insanity of At The Drive-In on TFI Friday, oh and Sebadoh playing Flame to a rather confused TOTP crowd a few years back. As for this clip, the fact that Suggs presents the band is odd enough, but then of course you have the Top of the Pops crowd clapping along. To the Arcade Fire. Very bizarre as I'm sure you'll see. Hope you enjoy the video, tis a goodun.

Download: Rebellion (Lies)
From Top Of The Pops

MPG 27.10mb


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