Thursday, January 19, 2006

MP3: Sounds Showcase 2 Side B - Icicle Works & The Mighty Lemon Drops

Second side of the Sounds Showcase 2 7", this time featuring one rather nice track from The Mighty Lemon Drops and one rather iffy track from Icicle Works. While i'm typing, isn't it annoying how the Arctic Monkeys are a bit rubbish, but you can kind of live with them because they usually have one really good riff per song and no attention span so the songs are usually over within 2 minutes, but then that good riff is usually enough to get the annoying accented singer in your head for hours. Well it is. Annoying. Shit lyrics too, but anyway...

First up are eighties Wolverhampton Indie folks The Mighty Lemon Drops. Active from 1985 to 1992, they were signed to Chrysalis in the UK and released six albums. Dave Newton and Tony Lineham were the primary songwriters, and their blend of psychedelia and Indie rock became extremely popular on American college radio during the late eighties. Their first single, Like An Angel appeared in 1985, was very successful, landed them a John Peel session, a place on the famed C86 compilation and their deal with Chrysalis. Debut album Happy Head appeared in 1986, and was widely acclaimed. For their next album, Out Of Hand, filmmaking GENIUS Derek Jarman directed the single for the albums title track when it was released as a single. Derek Jarman was art director on Ken Russell's incredible The Devils, which will finally be released UNCUT on DVD next month, fact fans. The Lemon Drops third and fourth albums were again released on Chrysalis, World Without End in 1988 and Laughter in 1989, before poor sales led to them being dropped. Two further albums, 1991's Sound...Say Goodbye To Your Standards and 1992's Ricochet came out on Sire before the band split later that year. A live album and greatest hits were quickly released, but after that little was heard until they reformed for a gig in 2000. 2004 saw a reformation and a new album, Young, Gifted & Black Country. More info can be found at Wikipedia or at In Everything You Do - The Mighty Lemon Drops Archive.

Next up are The Icicle Works, another eighties Indie band who were part of the same Liverpool neo-psychedelia scene that contained Echo & The Bunnymen and The Teardrop Explodes. Formed by multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter Ian McNabb, they released five albums on Beggars Banquet between 1984 and 1990. Their debut album was 1984's Icicle Works, and was followed by The Small Price Of A Bicycle (1985), If You Want To Defeat Your Enemy, Sing His Song (1987), Blind (1988) and Permanent Damage (1990). A live album recorded at the Beeb was also released in 1994 after they'd split. Their biggest hit was 1983's Love Is A Wonderful Colour, which hit the staggeringly high number 24 in the singles chart. Can't say I'm a big fan of this song, in fact, it's awful. This sort of thing gives the eighties a bad name, but then i'm a kind soul so I thought i'd satisfy all those Icicle Works fans out there. Weirdos. More info at that lovely Wikipedia and at Ian McNabb's webpage. See if you can access that site without wanting to punch his dirty face. Enjoy.

Download: The Mighty Lemon Drops / Hear Me Call - MP3 3.13mb (rapidshare)
Download: The Icicle Works / Don't Let It Rain On My Parade - MP3 3.54mb (rapidshare)


Blogger michael said...

"whisper to a scream" wasn't icicle works big hit?

8:02 pm, January 25, 2006  
Blogger Chris Brown said...

'Birds Fly (Whisper To A Scream)' was their "biggest" hit in the USA, but it was a different one in Britain.

7:17 pm, January 26, 2006  
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