Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Video: Gang Of Four - Is It Love (1983)

Deary me. Deary deary me. If you ever want to prove to someone that Gang Of Four weren't the faultlessly amazing politically pure uber-geniuses that a lot of people make them out to be, just show them this video. Singer Jon King looks like that bloke from the Human League, awful haircuts abound, and it looks like one of the Batman soundtrack-era Prince promo videos. It's not a coincidence that this song was from Hard, their first record without super-bass man Dave Allen. It's demented soul/R&B/post punk fusion was a complete disaster, and from watching this it seems kind of clear why. It's not completely awful, sounds a bit like The Cure in places, but tied to the totally un-GOF like video it's a bit odd of an odd watching experience. After this album drummer Hugo Burnham was sacked from the band, and the final two of the Gang managed to bring out a stilted live album before the bands first proper split in 84. It would not be until 1991's Mall that another Gang Of Four album would be released.

Gang Of Four - Is It Love - AVI 63.2mb (rapidshare)


Blogger LH said...

Again... there's no accounting for taste... HARD is one of my all-time-favorite pop albums. I believe it was flawlessly executed.

6:02 am, June 22, 2008  

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