Sunday, April 30, 2006

Video: Gang Of Four - Cadillac (1991)

Thought i'd stick up a video today, as my new webspace (which should allow me to upload new music daily and *miraculously* not rapidshared) is still being prepared and right now i've got about 10kb free to host songs. Today's video is for a song by a rather great band but from a rather average record. The band are Gang Of Four, the song is Cadillac, and the album was 1991's Mall. It's probably the band's more commercial album, despite their sound not beng vastly different the production is very clean and there are a few more late 80s synths hanging about. Stills the lyrics to this song are good, the video is fun and overall it's not as shite as some Entertainment!-only luddites would like to tell you. Although that artwork is fucking horrendous, deary me. You can definitely hear the influence on later bands like Pitchshifter on tracks like this. Poor old Pitchshifter, on their interminable farewell/comeback tour.

Just a quick note before I sign off, if anyone has an audio or video copy of Mansun's performance at Reading 1999, or any shows from the Six tour, i'd really like to hear them, so please email me. I finally got around to buying their Kleptomania collection and i'm falling in love with them again (not that I ever fell out of love). Everyone Must Win is the very definition of aceness. Cheers!

Gang Of Four - Cadillac - AVI 42.2mb (rapidshare)


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