Thursday, April 27, 2006

Blog recommendations

Just a quick post to recommend some blogs that have been kind enough to link to me. First of all there is the rather lovely Tower Of Song, which deserves a recommendation just for the fact that i've never seen someone so into music that they've bothered to write such an in depth analysis of Girls Aloud. Great articles, and well worth a look.

Next up is The Daily Growl, another cool blog with lots of good British based musical commentary. If you're Belgian, Fire In The Mind is also worth a look. I can't understand a word but the first article I can see references Ballard, Heidegger and Baudrillard, thus automatically making the writer mega cool. Heidegger and Baudrillard are the theoretical shit. No messing. Add a bit of Zizek and i'm yours.

JB's Music is written by a long time music journalist, one of the co-founders of the indispensable All Music Guide, and although it's only just getting started, looks like it'll probably be one to watch.

Meanwhile I can inform you that Bonnie 'Prince' Billy should really get Bjork to be his producer, because his voice has never sounded sweeter than on Drawing Restraint, and that Neil Young's Rust Never Sleeps never, ever, gets old.


Blogger unknown said...

so agree with you - re; 'rust never sleeps'... wow... great blog you have here too! (though some of that "theoretical shit" is what gives sociology a bad (post-modern) name... :-) but then i would say that...

12:30 am, April 28, 2006  

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