Sunday, June 18, 2006

We interrupt your regular musical broadcast... bring you the most horrific advert of all time. So bad that everyone needs to see it to realise how truly awful it is. That's right, the new Frosties advert. Click here to see the monstrosity.

Oh my shitting god.....Mummy? Mummy help me?
That kids life is ruined forever. But then it already was if he's as annoying in real life as he is there. Who picked those clothes?

The web is full of chatter, reviews and more chatter about just how bloody awful it is, and meanwhile Wrightylew over at the Drowned In Sound boards has even made his own lovely version. Respect is due.


Blogger Oh Simone said...

You are so SO right.

9:20 am, June 19, 2006  

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