Friday, June 09, 2006

Pah, you go to the Isle of stinking Wight then, i'll go read a book.

Hi all. This is one of those quickly put together posts that i'm writing to distract myself from doing work on my masters dissertation. Here's a few links

  • Take Your Medicine has changed. Blog operations are now going under the name Nothing But Green Lights, but the podcast still operates under the old name at the old address. So now you know.

  • Sweet and Tender Hooligans, the greatest Smiths/Morrissey tribute band ever ever ever (the Mozzman himself is a fan) are currently preparing for their Queen Is Dead 20th Anniversary UK tour. Click here for dates. I'll be at the Southampton one, which is sure to be great fun due to being at the nice small Joiners Arms, and will be improved even further by the fact that my friends The Michael Wookey Band will be supporting.

  • Ooh here's a youtube vid of Guided By Voices doing Game Of Pricks at Amoeba Records, Hollywood, which is officially my favourite record store on the planet. I've even got a tshirt. Very nice it is too.

    See i'm struggling now. Back to work. All you bastards enjoying the beginning of the festival season, can kiss my poor ass. Have a goodun.


    Blogger catdirt said...

    ah, but have you seen the ORIGINAL Amoeba in Berkeley, California? We don't pronounce is "barkley" in Cali. That store is the mother ship.

    4:09 pm, June 09, 2006  
    Blogger Jamie Summers said...

    not been lucky enough to get to those ones i'm afraid, as i'm still a student i have to rely on my gf's parents to take me to the U.S., and this year they're doing something else. i'm having giant record store withdrawal symptoms...

    5:50 pm, June 09, 2006  
    Blogger liz o. said...

    Here's a bit of trivia (although you might have heard this), Joe Escalante of S&T Hooligans hosts the morning show on Indie 103.1 F.M. in Los Angeles and the station's music legal advice show. You can listen here:
    Also, I had interviewed Jose from S&T Hooligans a few years ago for an article on tribute bands and, at the time, he mentioned also doing a Depeche Mode tribute. Not sure if that's still around or not.

    9:14 pm, June 10, 2006  

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