Monday, July 17, 2006

MP3: Oranger - New Comes And Goes

Hailing from San Francisco, Oranger are a power pop/indie band that formed in 1997 and a few months ago now released their fourth album, New Comes And Goes, which was the long awaited followup to their highly acclaimed 2003 double Shutdown the Sun/From the Ashes of Electric Elves. Eenie Meenie, their LA based record label (also home to Irving and releasers of the Space Needle compilation, both of which i've reviewed recently), sent me over a copy, and I have to say i'm pretty impressed. Reading some of the reviews of the record on Amazon, it seems that some fans were slightly disappointed with this album compared to their last, but some of the reason seems to be that it goes in a far more power pop direction than their previous material. However as i've not heard anything else by them, and i'm quite a fan of the old power pop, this isn't really a problem.

In the past the band have gained some attention through both national and international support slots for Pavement, Elliott Smith, REM, and the holy Guided By Voices, and indeed they share a similar knack for great melodies. The initial comparisons to make when listening to New Comes And Goes would be the obvious ones for the power pop genre - The Cars, Badfinger, The Knack. However they also share the same 60s influenced elements that have made bands like Weezer (when they were good), Fountains Of Wayne and Koufax so interesting and, sometimes, popular.

Below are two of my favourite songs from the record, the very catchy title track, and also a track that slightly reminds me of Big Star, Garden Party for the Murder Pride. The band are currently doing some dates in California, more info available on their official site or on their myspace. Enjoy.

Oranger - Garden Party for the Murder Pride - MP3
Oranger - New Comes and Goes - MP3


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