Friday, July 14, 2006

When we're in town, speakers explode.

  • Metal is silly right? We all know that. But maybe you didn't realise exactly what some of the lyrics were. Luckily someone on youtube can help us. Wondered what Trivium were singing? Or how about Bullet For My Valentine? Apologies for the casual homophobia. Why do people have to be funny and morally assholish at the same time? Everyone knows all the best metal is gay. Judas Priest, Queen, Slayer.

  • Elsewhere, check out The Daily Growl for a best music of the year so far feature.

  • Pitchfork shock by actually putting up an article worth reading. Syd Barrett is the subject.

  • Drowned In Sound have info on the new Sparklehorse album.

  • Pixies will release a live, acoustic DVD on the 22nd August, recorded at the Newport Folk Festival. I was in Newport at the time of the 2004 Jazz festival, and stayed in the same hotel as Americans who had travelled there just to see Jamie Cullum. I've never felt so ashamed for my own country.

  • New Bob Dylan album Modern Times will be released on 22nd August. His official site has a possible cover, NME have the tracklisting.

  • The next Devendra Banhart album will be called Smokey and will be recorded in September.

  • Clinic's new album, Visitations, is out on Domino in October. Hoorah.


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