Monday, August 07, 2006

MP3: Pulp - Last John Peel session (2001)

Feeling the Runout Groove/Pulp related article withdrawal symptoms? If so I thought that on this most overcast of days I would upload a few more chunks of Pulpy goodness to satisfy your longings.

Pulp had a rather notable history in regards to John Peel. He discovered them very very early on in their career and quickly got them in to record one of their very first sessions, only one song of which, Wishful Thinking, subsequently came out on a Pulp record. After that however, he seemed to lose track of them. The next session they would do together wouldn't be until 1993, before the release of His N Hers, thus creating the biggest time lapse between a first and second session in Peel history. After that, feeling guilty for having somewhat abandoned the group for so long, he made up for it by inviting them back for another in 1994 (featuring three songs that would go on to feature on Different Class).

However another long gap appeared from 1994 until 2001, when this, their last session for Peel, was recorded. The four songs were put down on tape in August of that year, 2 months before the release of the We Love Life album. It features three songs that would go on to be on the album, and one Duck Diving, that is still unreleased, and will probably remain so considering the fact that We Love Life isn't one of the Pulp albums that will soon be re-released with a bonus disc. It's a really nice track, hope you like it.

Pulp - 01 Sunrise (Peel session)
Pulp - 02 Weeds (Peel session)
Pulp - 03 I Love Life (Peel session)
Pulp - 04 Duck Diving (Peel session)


Anonymous RPG said...

Thank you! These are grand! :D

9:01 pm, August 07, 2006  
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