Monday, December 18, 2006

Peel Session: Aereogramme (2003)

I've got the pre-Christmas cold blues. I say i've got the pre-Christmas cold blues. Etc. Imagine my name's Blind Jimmie Summer...ville. Or something. Or forget it.

URGH. URGGHHHH. No energy to type. Let's get straight down to it with some Peel Session action from the frankly wonderful Aereogramme. Aereogramme are a Scottish four piece who have been trucking around with a wonderful blend of post-rock, prog and alt. rock since 2000. They've released four studio albums, are totally unmissable live, and were also notably involved this year in a CD of the In The Fishtank series with the also ace Isis. This was the third of three sessions for the Peel show. Enjoy.

Aereogramme - 01 Believe Me (Peel session)
Aereogramme - 02 Snake (Peel session)
Aereogramme - 03 Inhalation Blues (Peel session)
Aereogramme - 04 Thriller (Peel session)


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