Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mr Huw - Llond Lle O Hwrs A Lladron

Mr Huw is unsurprisingly a resident of Wales. His album title is in Welsh, his song titles are in Welsh, and indeed he sings in Welsh. Ten years back of course the sensible music listener would run away from such horrific news with such speed that they would hopefully be able to fly around the sun really quick and turn back time Star Trek/Superman style in order to return things to their normal Anglocentric state. But no longer! Thankfully since the release of projects such as the wonderful Mwng album by the Super Furries, as well as music from other foreign language oddballs, we fearful Englanders have come to realise that the queens english ain't always 'where it's at'. I have no idea what Mr Huw is on about, but his voice is lovely, and I rather like every single one of the thirteen strummy folky lo-fi psych-pop gems contained within Llond Lle O Hwrs A Lladron. Here's a few of 'em, so see how you get on! The record is out on Cope records on the 17th September. More info on Mr Huw at his myspace. TTFN.

Mr Huw - Gwyneb Dod
Mr Huw - Twll Gogoniant


Blogger Tomos said...

Album title actually translates as 'A place full of whores and robbers'.

The 2 tracks you've put up are 'Glory Hole' and 'Cum Face'.

Good stuff.

11:32 am, August 29, 2007  

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