Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Pagan Wanderer Lu - Build Library Here (or else!)

Build Library Here (or else!) is a reissue of the first major release from Bolton's own Pagan Wanderer Lu, the one man electro casio indie keyboard guitar drums n bass soloman who more recently released the quite excellent Independent Scrutineer mini album on Brainlove records. Originally released as a DIY compilation of songs from his early live sets, its re-release gives those of us who enjoyed Scrutineer and who have yet to see him live a chance to get a bit of a fuller picture. Luckily the material here is just as strong as more recent offerings, and also offers some different sides to PWL's music which might hint at things to come. In particular the Handsome Family-esque country strum of O Peter! is definitely a highlight for me, and tracks like (Sick Of) Playing Solo and At The Hairdressers... show that PWL's songwriting talent should have received a lot more plaudits than he's so far been presented with.

It's not that he's been without praise of course, having received airplay from the BBC and played with Apples In Stereo, 65daysofstatic and other indie stars, but (for example) an outsider looking at tonight's televised Mercury Awards would be forgiven for thinking that music in 'Great Britain' was epitomised by forgettable, plodding background music, which is far from the truth, and Pagan Wanderer Lu is one of those people who thankfully disproves that suggestion. Indeed although he could be grouped in with other nu-bred one man internet hogging electro tinged indie artists, he stands out because just like any artist that endears him or herself to people, he's just got a lot more to say and to interest the listener. Seemingly anyone nowadays can pull together enough guitar, bass and drum tracks to splurge out four songs for their myspace profile, but it's far fewer people who can self produce an album and make it endearingly listenable and enjoyable. More info on PWL and how to order this record at his website.

Pagan Wanderer Lu - O Peter! (Won't You Hear My Mournful Strum)
Pagan Wanderer Lu - (Sick Of) Playing Solo


Anonymous fakeplasticboy said...

Pagan Wanderer Lu has a Jewish brother called Pagan Wanderer Jew...he's brilliant too.

10:31 am, September 05, 2007  

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