Friday, June 03, 2005

finished. (soundtrack: nine black alps / is anything)

This morning I sat the last exam I will ever have to take, on the above four crazy european postmodernists. That's the end of my degree, and now i've got to wait for my results before I start my masters. Very odd feeling to have finished anyway. Good but weird.

Anyway I've got a bunch more free time now so tonight i'll be doing an update with some mp3s, but until then here's a few links to tide you over:

First of all, Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore has edited a really cool looking book called Mix Tape: The Art of Cassette, which does exactly what it says on the box/cover. Reprints lots of cool mix tape artwork made by people in bands, and from what I saw in Waterstones looks excellent. Only problem is the price tag, especially when you consider it's only 40 pages long. Ow.

If you saw the Max Carlish documentary on Pete Doherty, you'd better check out this link. It's both the best and the most excruciating tune of the summer. Rock and roll. Remember, it's not rape, it's sex.

Another thing that caught my eye is this wonderful list of clues that will tell you if your child is deviating from christ and becoming a goth. Choice highlights?

  • Disregards nuns.
  • Eats goth related foods. Count dracula cereal is an example of this.
  • Drinks blood.
  • Pursues the dangerous cult religion of philosophy.
  • Wears pins that contain these phrases: "i'm so gothic, i'm dead", "woe is me", [and strangely] "i'm a goth".
  • Claims to be a goth.

    I think they're probably right with the last one. Anyway check back tonight for some tunes.