Wednesday, June 01, 2005

MP3: Ooberman / Blossoms Falling, Spy Versus Spy / Best Man Nomination

Okay two tracks today, but as i'm quite strapped for time at the moment due to exams there isn't so much of the warbling on as in the last few posts.

First is Blossoms Falling by Ooberman. This song doesn't really fit into my long forgotten bands critera, as actually they only split a year or so ago and there are rumours of a return, but on hearing the song again I realised just how much I associate it with listening to the Evening Session. I don't think I even liked it that much at the time, it's only in retrospect that I can appreciate it. It's a pretty fine pop tune and I probably didn't see that due to whatever Korn or random ska I was listening to at the time. Oh the shame. Anyway for more info check out a great unofficial website named The Magic Treehouse.

Download - MP3 3.56mb (rapidshare)

Okay next is a song from a band that are definitely forgotten but I don't think I ever heard on the radio. Spy Versus Spy were an underground British emo band who released two GREAT records in around 1998-2000. There's very little info about them online and the records are very hard to find but definitely worth a look if you like old school Braid/Cap'n Jazz style emo. If you consider they were on one of those Deep Elm Emo Diaries compilations you can get an idea of what they sound like. Emo before every punk pop band grabbed an acoustic and some square glasses. They released a self titled record (which I don't have), and then a second called Little Lights (which I do). The MP3 is from the second record and is called Best Man Nomination. Just about the only online information I could find about them was this interview. Apparently some of the members later started a band called Future Adventures who have a record on sale here, but i've no idea what it sounds like. Anyway hope you like it.

Download - MP3 3.82mb (rapidshare)


Blogger erik hogstrom said...

Great posts!
I love the idea behind this blog, too. Keep up the good work!

1:24 am, June 02, 2005  
Blogger Jamie Summers said...

thanks, appreciate it!

9:52 pm, June 02, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie
Whilst looking for somewhere to buy Spy versus Spy Little Lights on cd (I have searched everywhere!) I came across this site. I have it on tape but it`s a crap recording.
I have thier first cd and would be well up for sending you a copy if you would send me a copy of thier second album. You are my last hope, please please please!
Many thanks
Cy Russell

6:40 pm, March 31, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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10:55 pm, March 04, 2007  
Anonymous iwornmyelbows said...

Spy Vs Spy have reformed and are gigging as I type (sort of).

5:44 pm, August 11, 2007  
Anonymous Q said...

Spy have reformed with 3 of the original members, Martyn, Doog and Mark, with a close friend filling in for Ben. They are doing a small tour starting 7th Sept for 6 dates. You MUST see this band. This is emo before NME ruined it.

6:44 pm, August 17, 2007  

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