Monday, October 17, 2005

MP3: "Sounds Waves 2" - 1 - The Jesus And Mary Chain

I was browsing through my local Oxfam Music store and happened to come along this lovely little gem from 1988. It was given away with long defunct music weekly Sounds in March of that year, and contains four lovely otherwise unavailable songs from some very 1988 sounding bands. Some of them are pretty darn great too, so I thought i'd stick the lot up for your perusal, one track a night for four nights. All of them are taken straight off the dusty 7" that cost me a pound, so there's some complimentary hiss and crackle which I won't even charge for. For those not in the know, Sounds was one of the original four of the modern British music weeklys (along with the NME, Melody Maker and Kerrang), and began publishing in October 1970. It was known for covering more metal, punk and oi than the Maker and the NME, which maybe explains how it was finally cornered out of the market due to competition from the other three, folding due to severe lack of circulation in April 1991.

First up is an otherwise unavailable (even to this day) version of The Jesus And Mary Chain's Nine Million Rainy Days, played live in Detroit in November 1987. The song is of course originally from their super-seminal (yet still not as good as the debut) second album from that year, the amazing Darklands, which you really should own. The only problem now of course is that any mention of the number Nine Million automatically reminds one of the spawn of satan that is Katie Melua. Just typing that makes me do a little vomit.

I've actually been listening to JAMC a lot recently, due to the fact that I realised that I hadn't stuck on Psychocandy for about three years, and somehow that felt rather evil. Apparently Jim Reid is doing a few gigs at the moment, which I haven't had a chance to get to, but apparently the critical consensus is: bollocks. Anyway I don't feel the need to give you a full bio of 'the chain', as they're pretty much a legendary band that shouldn't need any extra explanation, but if you do like this and want some more info, you can check out this rather useful wikipedia page, or this fantastic fan site. That's enough for now, next track is tomorrow night and is by the beautifully monickered Head Of David. Enjoy.

Download: Nine Million Rainy Days (live) - MP3 3.47mb (rapidshare)


Anonymous Niklas said...

I found Sounds Waves #3 7" a year ago. It's got a couple of tunes by the Pixies that are unavailable versions of Down to the Well and Rock A My Soul. Nice. Here's a link I found:
If I by any chance manage to buy the right chord between my pc and turntable and rip the songs, I'll let you know.

Thanks for a great blog!

8:36 pm, October 20, 2005  
Blogger Jamie Summers said...

they might have had that in the shop i got this in, but they had about 5 racks of hundreds of 7"'s so i didnt have time to check. think i'll go back on monday to see. i did get another sounds 7" with mccarthy and steve earle and some others on it that i might post next week.

8:53 pm, October 20, 2005  
Blogger lostmusic said...

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7:51 pm, October 21, 2005  
Blogger lostmusic said...

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7:52 pm, October 21, 2005  
Blogger lostmusic said...

Jim's post JAMC band - Freeheat - were great. They were a much more of a live band than a recording band. They did some of the best gigs I have ever seen. Check my webpage with it's broken picture! Retoxed - Freeheat

Jim's solo show was disappointing last week @ Sonic Cathedral. But his previous two live shows were great and his songwriting hasn't deminished over the years. He's one of music's lost gems.

7:55 pm, October 21, 2005  
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