Sunday, September 25, 2005

Records Out Tomorrow (Monday 25th September)

Okay here's a rundown of releases for next week. Some pretty big stuff, including new Neil Young, Ryan Adams and Big Star records, all of which I'll probably be checking out. Tomorrow also sees the release of the debut album the Dead 60's, of whom I have no opinion. Also newies from Mew, Millionaire, Grandaddy (an EP), Soulwax (a remix album, hoorah), Millionaire, Steve Reich, Roger Waters (an opera), plus something horrific looking from Ray Manzarek.

As for archive releases there's another Eno remaster (this time with Jah Wobble), a Fire Engines live album and something good from John Cale. There's a trio of Violent Femmes re-issues, a Ministry greatest hits, and last but not least a re-release of the CLASSIC Residents record Third Reich N Roll. I was going on about this record on Drowned In Sound but nobody really took any notice, which proofs that they're all fools.

Some nice boxsets from The Band (5 CDs, a DVD and mucho rarities), The Damned (everything they released on Stiff) and rumour has it a 3cd set of early Fleetwood Mac (see what I did there). More than one good single out this week with goodies from LCD Soundsystem, Editors, Art Brut and King Biscuit Time. Lovely.

Big Star - In Space

Neil Young - Prairie Wind

Ryan Adams - Jacksonville City Nights

The Dead 60s - S/T

Mew - ...And The Glass Handed Kites

Grandaddy - Excerpts From The Diary Of Todd Zilla EP

Soulwax - Nite Versions

Millionaire - Paradisiac

Steve Reich - You Are

Ray Manzarek - Freshly Dug

Roger Waters - Ca Ira

Brian Eno - Spinner

Fire Engines - Teenage Codex Premonition

John Cale - Words For The Dying

Violent Femmes - S/T

Violent Femmes - Freak Magnet

Violent Femmes - Viva Wisconsin

The Residents - Third Reich N Roll

Ministry - Rantology

The Band - Musical Journey Box Set

Fleetwood Mac - Early Years Box Set

The Damned - Play It At Your Sister Box Set

LCD Soundsystem - Tribulations single

Art Brut - Good Weekend single

Editors - Bullets single

King Biscuit Time - C I am 15 single