Tuesday, October 18, 2005

MP3: "Sounds Waves 2" - 2 - Head Of David

Second song from the Sounds Waves 2 EP (see post below for explanation) is by the rather fantastically(?) named Head Of David, and is a live version of the song 'I Am Roadkill (Rockatansky v. Schwarzenegger)'. Now I hadn't actually heard of these guys before I picked up this 7", but from a little research I can tell you that they were an industrial/technopop/metally combo who came from Dudley, released four albums on Blast First records from 1986 to 1991, and for some time featured the legendary Godflesh's Justin Broadrick on drums. As far as I can tell the most lasting sign of this band's fame was that Fear Factory covered their song Dog Day Sunrise for their seminal Demanufacture album. So if you like that, you'll probably like this. The recorded version of this tune can be found on their 1988 album Dustbowl, which is probably incredibly hard to find. If you like this and want some more info, you can find some more info at this site, or you can see a full discography at this rather fantastic Godflesh fansite. Tomorrow's track is a super-rarity from a pre-Mike Patton Faith No More, so be sure to check back! Enjoy.

Download: I Am Roadkill (Rockatansky v. Schwarzenegger) (live) - MP3 3.51mb (rapidshare)


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