Friday, January 27, 2006

Ah yes, we're waiting for Godot.

Just a quick update with some good links to free music around ye olde information superhighway:

  • First of all the official Therapy? site has a great audio page with demos from their last record, live tracks, demos of older tracks, two songs from an old evening session and a fantastic Peel session featuring material from 1991's tremendous Babyteeth and 1992's also tremendous Pleasure Death.

  • Laura Cantrell's official site has lots of good audio, including highlights from all of her albums, live tracks, demos and other assorted goodies.

  • There's a huge collection of early Kate Bush demos available here, including the legendary Early Recordings and Phoenix Sessions, as well as assorted other rarities including her rare theme to Gilliam's Brazil.

  • Finally has more Elliott Smith than you could possibly need. There's a regularly rotating selection of live show torrents that should keep even the most obsessive fan satisfied.

    That's enough for now, second part of my mega-Pulp-marathon coming up in the next few days so keep your eyes peeled. Have a good weekend all!

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