Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Video: The Auteurs - Show Girl

Sorry folks but I just can't seem to stop wanting to post more and more Luke Haines/Auteurs at the moment. I already posted something on their New Wave record a while back, and posted a video of them doing Lenny Valentino on Jools Holland here, but couldn't resist putting up the video of Show Girl. It was the band's debut single, and its a total total classic. The video is very very British, and i'm struggling to work out whether that's actually Portsmouth its filmed in. I know Haines formed went to uni there and wrote most of New Wave whilst in Portsmouth halls of residence, so can any Pompey people confirm this for me? If so it makes it probably the only Portsmouth based music video ever made, which in my mind is a very good thing indeed.

The Auteurs - Show Girl - AVI 66.6mb (rapidshare)