Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Video: Idlewild - You Held The World In Your Arms (Live on Jimmy Kimmell)

As a quick followup post to my feature about Idlewild's Chandelier single, here's a video download of the band playing You Held The World In Your Arms, the lead single for their third album, 2002's rather wonderful The Remote Part, live on the American Jimmy Kimmell chat show. Bad sentence structure there, I apologise. It's very odd to see them playing on an American show, and it's a good performance to boot. This was kind of the band's big breakthrough single in the UK, and their first to gain any significant airplay in America, but followup American English didn't fare as well, and the album didn't turn out to be the commercial monster that the band (and we fans) might have expected. The album itself is probably their best overall, with a good mix of rockier stuff and not too much of the slower stuff that would bog down the followup, last year's Warnings/Promises. Anyway hope you enjoy it. By the way, if you've got it, go back and listen to the first Cooper Temple Clause album. Cos it's really good. And like me, you might have forgotten.

Idlewild - You Held The World In Your Arms (Live on Jimmy Kimmel) - 30.8mb (rapidshare)


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