Friday, February 10, 2006

Video: Mansun - Legacy & Nick Cave - Where The Wild Roses Grow (live on Top Of The Pops)

I thought over the next couple of days I'd put up a few articles featuring some Top Of The Pops appearances highlighting how, once in a while, it's actually worth watching. It's just a shame these moments are so few and far between, but occasionally something odd will get in there. I remember one crazy friday in January 1999 that featured Terrorvision, Sebadoh, The Offspring, Gay Dad and The All Seeing I featuring Jarvis Cocker. It was bizarre to say the least, though the show did also feature 911, Steps and some strange folk called TQ (singing 'Westside'), so it wasn't all peaches and cream. Not that I like peaches and cream (I like the song).

First of all I've put up Mansun performing Legacy from back in 1998. It was the first single from the legendary Six album, which I did a feature on last September. Legacy came out in June of that year, hitting number 7 in the charts, a figure that would stand as their highest ever singles chart placing (Wide Open Space had only reached number 9). At this point we Mansun fans had little idea on how Six would turn out (it wouldn't be released for another 3 and a half months), but this was a great taster. The quality of this video is a little awful, but it's nice to see some proper old school indie haircuts. Fringes, mullets and highlights.

Next is perhaps one of the oddest British hits of all time. Only Kylie Minogue could inspire the British public to send an unrepentant song about murder by Nick Cave into the top, um, 11. Actually i'd always thought it was a number one but the Wikipedia fans of Kylie disagree. The song is of course from Cave's rather good 1996 Murder Ballads record. Not sure if this performance really works that well. It's a bit strange to see them performing it outside of the confines of its video, and the lovely TOTP set doesn't help much.

Check back tomorrow for some more TOTP highlights from The Ramones and The Cure...

Mansun - Legacy (live on Top Of The Pops) - AVI 35.2mb (rapidshare)
Nick Cave & Kylie Minogue - Where The Wild Roses Grow (live on Top Of The Pops) - MPG 67.6mb (rapidshare)


Blogger Simon said...

Excellent stuff - I've got that Sebadoh Flame performance on tape (no way of transferring it to AVI, sorry), where there's an obvious edit right at the end where clearly they'd continued for some time beyond what the producers were expecting, Lou and Jason evidently having got into something of a forceful extended outro. 29th January 1999, says the TOTP2 show search engine, hosted by Jayne Middlemiss (I'd like to have seen that bit of the script meeting)

7:30 pm, February 10, 2006  
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