Tuesday, April 18, 2006

MP3: Sebadoh - Flame

Sebadoh's live performance of Flame (a single taken from 1999's The Sebadoh) is to date one of the weirdest Top of the Pops moments i've ever seen. How on earth it got into the top 40 is weird enough, but a band that were so lo-fi and uncommercial playing live was something pretty unheard of. Annoyingly I can't seem to actually find a video of the performance to upload, but I recently dug out my copy of the single and thought i'd put that up as well as it's bsides. Lovely stuff, makes me miss the nineties. By the way if anyone has got any way of getting that live performance onto a pc, don't hesitate in contacting me so I can stick it up here! You can get more info on Sebadoh at Wikipedia or the band's official site. Enjoy.

Sebadoh - Flame (Remix) - MP3 2.54mb
Sebadoh - Crystal Crossed - MP3 1.68mb
Sebadoh - Salt Water Garden - MP3 2.05mb


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