Wednesday, April 26, 2006

MP3s and a Blogcast

Aha! Finally got back some control over my webspace, and so the Sebadoh and American Music Club mp3s from a few posts back are now back online. In case you didn't get them the first time round, and if you can't EVEN be bothered scrolling down, here are the links:

Sebadoh - Flame (Remix) - MP3 2.54mb
Sebadoh - Crystal Crossed - MP3 1.68mb
Sebadoh - Salt Water Garden - MP3 2.05mb

American Music Club - Ex-Girlfriend - MP3 1.94mb
American Music Club - Sick Of Food - MP3 2.77mb
American Music Club - Royal Cafe - MP3 2.34mb

You might also want to check out Michael's very cool blogcast The Yank Sizzler. He's a contributor to Contrast and his casts feature lots of good Peel related music, well worth a listen!


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