Monday, May 08, 2006

Video: The Auteurs - Chinese Bakery

Sorry for the lack of updates at the weekend, had to work two full days and was completely knackered. Anyway i've found one more Auteurs video for you, probably the last one i'll be able to find I think. Chinese Bakery was a single from the bands second album, 1994's Now I'm A Cowboy. I'm not a huge fan of that record, it's definitely their worst album, and only Lenny Valentino (the first single), I'm A Rich Man's Toy and a few others really do much for me. I'd say the common criticism of this album, that it's a poor attempt to reproduce how good New Wave was, it pretty true, but thankfully Haines picked things up in time for the next one, so can't complain too much. This single is okay, if a little predictable. Solo is a goodun though, and the video quite cool too.

Meanwhile i'm listening to Huevos by Meat Puppets, which has probably got the most out of tune vocals i've ever heard, and yet still manages to be 10 times more fun than the new RHCP single, which is just horrendous. "California, rest in peace/Simultaneous release". What? That just...rhymes. It's the oral equivalent of a dada poem without meaning to be. Shitheads.

I went on my last mini-shopping spree at the crazy Virgin clearance sale yesterday, and managed to pickup the followup for the grand sum of £13.97. Read it and weep:

Air: Premiers Symptomes
Bernard Herrmann: Vertigo Score
Bjork: Gling-Glo
Django Reinhardt: Swings from Paris
The Fall: Live in Zagreb
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan: Rapture
Various: Piano Blues Soundtrack

Over and out, enjoy.

The Auteurs - Chinese Bakery - AVI 30.5mb (rapidshare)


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