Thursday, May 04, 2006

Video: Husker Du - Could You Be The One?

Could You Be The One is one of my very favourite Husker Du songs. Taken from 1987's double album Warehouse: Songs and Stories, the band's last studio recording, it's a classic single, and the video is pretty good too. Bob Mould looks amusingly Frank Blackish, and thankfully it doesn't look too eighties. This was the band's second major label album after signing to Warner Brothers in 1986. The first album released after the signing was that year's wonderful Candy Apple Grey, a stunning album, and certainly in places one of the most depressing records i've ever heard. Unfortunately after the release of Warehouse creative and personal differences (Heroin) between lead songwriters Mould and Grant Hart meant that by 1988 the band situation had become unworkable and Hart found himself out of the band, though opinions differ over whether it was his decision or Mould's. Husker Du continue to be one of the most influential and fondly remembered band's of the 80's alternative rock movement.

Husker Du - Could You Be The One - AVI 26.0mb (rapidshare)


Blogger Simon said...

I always thought Mould looked like Marc 'Lard' Riley in it (there's a Creepers video knocking about YouTube which backs my assertion up). Great video from a superb band, indeed, and pretty much shown every week on MTV2's 120 Minutes Thursday/Friday night Pioneers specials, as seems right.

3:25 pm, May 04, 2006  

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