Tuesday, June 06, 2006

MP3: Jilted John - Gordon -IS- A Moron

Today I thought i'd post a little punk classic that I think has been forgotten by most people. I've certainly not seen it on too many punk compilations, and its such a goodun that I thought I should stick it on here. In 1978, Graham Fellowes (who went on to become comedian and entertainer 'John Shuttleworth') took on the name Jilted John and released a classic punk parody single of the same name. The song tells the story of a boy whose beloved Julie is stolen by 'a puff' called Gordon, who it turns out, is a moron. It's catchy as fuck, very funny, and probably made life a misery for Gordons everywhere for a few years after it came out. The single was produced by legendary Joy Division mastermind Martin Hannett, and hit number 4 in the UK charts. It was single of the week in the NME, and Jilted John appeared on the covers of the teenage girl magazines My Guy and Oh Boy!. Obviously his 'crying all the way to the chip shop' made a bunch of girls fall for him. A concept album about John's love life, called True Love Stories was produced, and two more Hannett produced singles (True Love/I Was A Pre-Pubescent and The Birthday Kiss/Bazz's Party) followed, but neither repeated the success of Jilted John.

More info on Graham Fellowes at Wikipedia, or more about the Jilted John story at Fellowes official website. You can watch Jilted John and Gordon live on Top of the Pops at youtube. Enjoy.

Jilted John - Jilted John - MP3 2.0mb


Anonymous Gordon Rae said...

I love this song, and always have done! Can you post the B-side, please? It was called "Going Steady" and all about John's love for a girl called Sharon. Haven't heard it since 1979.

Gordon (more of a man than you'll ever be)

11:03 am, June 06, 2006  
Blogger Chris Brown said...

My boss was very impressed when I brought a copy of this back from the charity shop. That was the first time I heard 'Going Steady'.

Sadly I have no way of uploading it myself. I think it's on the album though

9:51 pm, June 06, 2006  

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