Thursday, June 01, 2006

MP3: Fifty On Their Heels debut release

The other day in the post I recieved a copy of the debut EP from Fifty On Their Heels, a rather good new punk/indie/rock/newwave band on San Diego's Cat Dirt Records. Theirs is actually the first release on that label, and the band do also hail from that most sunny of places, which has recently achieved instant coolness through being the setting from Veronica Mars. ahem.

Anyway the CD has 6 tracks, all of which are pretty cool and I think show a bunch of potential. There's a nice mixture of British punk influence with some more American new wavey touches and a few other disparate elements from other genres showing up every now and then. Well worth a listen. The CD artwork is also really really great, lots of nice 50s pulp adverts for guns and porn with the song titles mixed in. You can check out the bands myspace page here, or check out Cat Dirt's myspace or blog. I think you can also buy the CD directly from CDBaby. Meanwhile you can sample a few of the songs below. Enjoy.

By the way if any other labels/bands fancy sending me any CDs/Vinyl/Money, feel free to email me, and if I like stuff enough I expect i'll talk about it here.

Fifty On Their Heels - Money, Glamour, Suicide - MP3 2.21mb
Fifty On Their Heels - Panic - MP3 1.58mb


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