Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Youtube: The Old Laughing Glaswegian & Devo Gone Country

Wow. Here's one of the most interesting things i've ever seen on youtube. It's Neil Young busking in the streets and stations of Glasgow back in 1976. He's playing The Old Laughing Lady from his debut self-titled solo album, and despite the fact that by this date he'd already had huge worldwide success with Heart Of Gold and in CSNY, not many of the passing Glaswegians seem particularly impressed. In fact most of them just want that whiney guy to shut up. Poor old Neil.

When I posted about contributing a song from Neil's critically disastrous Trans album on a Contrast podcast, I also should have posted a few links to Neil's collaborations with Devo that formed part of his notoriously confusing movie Human Highway. Luckily youtube can provide us with video clips of the song My My, Hey Hey, where Devo's Booji Boy changes the song to be about someone named Johnny Spud, the end of the film featuring a very spaced out Dean Stockwell (where was Ziggy when he needed her?), and a performance of Devo's own Worried Man. Rest assured this one will probably not be in my top 50 Rock Movies list (not that it hasn't got its highlights!).

"If you've got any last minute shopping to do you better do it quick, cos this planet's got the shits and it's about to blow!"

These are possibly the coolest videos you will see all day, week or year. You certainly wouldn't see Paul Simon or Paul Mccartney doing this sort of thing. What it is with Paul's from the 60s? Name a good one. Other than Paul Newman. And the one who was friends with Peter and Mary. Just stop thinking about it.

Long live Neil.


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