Sunday, July 02, 2006

MP3: Los Campesinos - Muy excellente!

Want to hear a rather bloody good new Welsh band? One you've probably not heard? One that could actually be the first myspace band to gain some success without rich parents or pr companies (assuming people get behind this band, which they should!...and assuming they don't have rich parents or pr companies already...). Anyway the band in question are called Los Campesinos. There's a bit of a commotion going on about them over at the Drowned In Sound forums, and as Mike from Nothing But Green Lights has stuck up on of their songs, I thought i'd post a few others. Los Campesinos manage to be one of those few bands who use a bit of tweeness without being insufferably annoying, and tie it to an insanely good sense of melody and a fun, varied style of instrumentation that sounds both contemporary and yet not too fashion-led. The seven-piece are from Cardiff, formed less than a year ago and to my ears currently have a four out of four success rate, and I really can't wait to hear some more. The first track on their myspace, You! Me! Dancing!, is really rather genius, and the other three tracks are surprisingly just as good. So far the band don't have any tour dates planned, so we can only hope they get some sorted out soon. More info on Los Campesinos on their myspace.

Los Campesinos - Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks - MP3 - 3.41mb
Los Campesinos - It Started With A Mixx - MP3 1.04mb


Blogger domestic empire said...

Yup does it for me. They've got that indieboy-indiegirl-light-n-shade-cute-jangly thing down pretty good. So good they ought to be Scottish!

4:42 am, July 06, 2006  
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