Thursday, June 22, 2006

MP3: Morgan - Miss Parker

Bit of a summer classic today. Dug it out of a pile of cds and remembered how damn good it was. Miss Parker came out in 1999 and was the creation of Morgan Nicholls, bassist for The Senseless Things, and then Vent 414 with Miles Hunt. I think he was also a member of the short lived Delakota, and he now plays live bass for The Streets (he's also been a stand-in bass player for Muse). The song features Morgan's little brother performing a freestyle rap into a tape recorder during a geography class by the eponymous teacher. Tis a tiny bit of pop genius. Especially the part about having 'Hilfigger power'. Apparently he grew up to sing the chorus on The Streets Could Well Be In. After a limited release, months and months of repeated radioplay on shows like The Evening Session inspired a re-release and the eventual release of a full-length Morgan record, which was well recieved by both fans and press. To be honest i'd completely forgotten about it until I dug it out and talked about it on Drowned In Sound yesterday, but i've been listening to it loads since then and thought I would put it here. Hope you like it, and you can also check out its supercool video here.

Morgan - Miss Parker - MP3 3.48mb


Blogger coxon le woof said...

Great minds Jamie!

I posted on it on Tuesday cause I too rediscovered it while searching through my old cds.

Great song!

8:21 pm, June 22, 2006  
Blogger craneparty said...

i can't find my copy of this anywhere - any chance you could pm me the file?


11:11 am, August 14, 2008  

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