Friday, July 07, 2006

MP3: Cat Power - John Peel Session 2003

I was having a dig about in some piles of cds today and found a bunch of old Peel session recordings that i'd almost forgotten that I'd ever had. There's probably a couple of hundred sessions spread about the cdrs/tapes, and so I thought i'd put a few up. I aaam still going to get around to doing more of the Best Rock Films series, and start off the Manics Discography, but something this week seems to have kept me from them. I'll definitely have something coming up soon though. Until then, I thought you might enjoy a Cat Power session from the John Peel show back in 2003. I have to say that like a few big Cat Power fans I wasn't too impressed with this years The Greatest, but I am a very big fan of You Are Free, Moon Pix and her Speaking For Trees DVD. Three of the songs in this session are taken from Free, and the fourth, Funny Things is somewhat of a rarity, only otherwise being available for a short burst during the live DVD.

I hope you like the songs, and meanwhile (if you do), you should check out the Tobias Froberg songs below, because they're absolutely lovely, and nobody has commented no them yet. Go on, you still have the potential to become a person of substance.

Cat Power - Evolution (Peel 2003) - MP3 - 2.44mb
Cat Power - Funny Things (Peel 2003) - MP3 2.07mb
Cat Power - I Don't Blame You (Peel 2003) - MP3 2.16mb
Cat Power - Names (Peel 2003) - MP3 3.61mb


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