Saturday, July 08, 2006

Odds and Sods


I've just decided. Tim from The Face Of Today / Contrast is officially the blogger of the day/week/month and possibly year, so far.

Last week the totally excellent Victor Scott requested that bloggers and fans alike record a video of themselves dancing to his rather good Gotta Go (click to download). As well as contributing some rather nice video footage of himself, Tim has gone even further and in a fit of insanity/inspiration, recording his own Todd Rundgren/Bjork style acapella cover. Click here to read his post and download it. Sure to put a smile on even the most repellent of faces.

Meanwhile Music For Kids Who Can't Read Good continues to be one of the best mp3 blogs around. As well as this weeks article on The 12 and 1/2 Best Albums Of This Year, So Far, a guide to the evolution of Crazy and various other great stuff, next week will also see some guest bloggage from Come Pick Me Up's Lizzy, I Guess I'm Floating's Connor, Good Weather For Airstrikes' Derek and Contrast contributor and Clever Titles Are So Last Summer wunderkind Bethanne.

Finally, i'll recommend Stuff On My Cat, if only just for this. Have a good one!


Blogger Tim Young said...

Hey Jamie,

Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad I'm making you and all the others smile ... so who do I cover next ... hmmmmm.

The Morrissey on my cat is genius and destined to be my wallpaper for the next week methinks!

All the best,


9:25 pm, July 08, 2006  

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