Thursday, December 28, 2006

Peel Session: Aerial M (1998)

Okay then! My apologies for the extended break, but I only just got back from my girlfriends parents house in London, and thus wasn't able to update the blog very easily. Now that i'm back, tis time for MORE MUSIC. Tomorrow i'll be posting my review of the Manics Lifeblood record, but until then here's a Peel Session highlighting the always stellar work of David Pajo.

It was the only session that Pajo recorded under the Aerial M name for Peel, was put on tape on the 3rd March 1998, and was then broadcast on the 2nd April. The lineup is David Pajo (guitar, organ), Tim Furnish (guitar, piano), Tony Bailey (drums) and Cassie Marrett (bass). The first track can be found on 1998's October single, the second first appeared on 1995's M Is The Thirteenth Letter single, and the third is taken from 1997's Aerial M LP. Enjoy.

Aerial M - 01 Vivea (Peel session)
Aerial M - 02 Safeless (Peel session)
Aerial M - 03 Skrag Theme (Peel session)


Blogger peter said...

doesn`t work(
can u send files on
thank u;)

7:35 am, March 24, 2007  
Blogger Simon said...



I taped the whole Peel programme the night it was broadcast, and took the tape with me everywhere, until, that is, I left it in a hotel room in London... I saw Pajo as Aerial M play with Mogwai in Sheffield that year,- very lucky. I talked to (the Mogger) Stuart afterwards and he was going 'I just keep saying to myself, FUCK MAN< YOU WERE IN SLINT!' He was over-awed, and aware that the M outplayed Mog that night...

Anyway, I'd so love to hear the session again, please send it to me!


8:24 pm, August 03, 2008  

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