Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Peel Session: Trans Am (2000)

He who asks, shall receive. Or something. One of my wonderful regulars asked if I had any Peel sessions from the uber rockin disco party that are the TRANS AM, and luckily, I did. Unfortunately and foolishly i've misplaced one of the tracks, but the other three are so good I thought they were still worth posting. The session was the bands only session for Peel, and was recorded on the 26th January 2000. By the way, the missing track is a version of I Want It All. Damn my disorganised music collection!

For the uninformed, Trans Am hail from Washington DC and formed in 1990, but didn't release their first record until 1996. So far they've released seven studio albums, with a new one, Sex Change, due out on Thrill Jockey some time in 2007. More info at Wikipedophile.

Trans Am - 01 Play In The Summer (Peel session)
Trans Am - 03 City In Flames (Peel session)
Trans Am - 04 Love Commander (Peel session)


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Rocks! Thank you very much :D

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