Saturday, December 30, 2006

Peel Session: Guided By Voices (1996)

Guided By Voices are now one of my top 5 bands of ALL TIME. EVER. ALL TIME YOU HEAR? They're up there with Fugazi, Pulp, The Smiths. Them. They're that good. I couldn't believe that there could be a band that have been so generally ignored by the public and that i'd never really thought could be that great that could effect me so much and make me want to own every single every song ever and learn the words just like I did with so many bands in my greener years. But GBV are the ones to do that for me again. Oh yes.

This session was the first of two the band performed for Peel, and was recorded on the 18th June 1996, and later broadcast on the 28th July. Party hails from Robert Pollard's 1996 Not In My Airforce solo record. Striped White Jets hails from 1995's Alien Lanes. Atom Eyes, Cut-Out Witch, Bright Paper Werewolves, Lord Of Overstock and Man Called Aerodynamics are from 1996's Under The Bushes Under The Stars. Wondering Boy Poet is from 1993's Vampire On Titus.

This is a wonderful session (including Peel intros and comments), and I highly highly recommend it. Have a good weekend folks!

Guided By Voices - 01 Party (Peel session 1996)
Guided By Voices - 02 Striped White Jets (Peel session 1996)
Guided By Voices - 03 Atom Eyes (Peel session 1996)
Guided By Voices - 04 Cut-Out Witch (Peel session 1996)
Guided By Voices - 05 Man Called Aerodynamics (Peel session 1996)
Guided By Voices - 06 Bright Paper Werewolves (Peel session 1996)
Guided By Voices - 07 Lord Of Overstock (Peel session 1996)
Guided By Voices - 08 Wondering Boy Poet (Peel session 1996)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks. Always dug GBV.

9:16 pm, December 30, 2006  
Anonymous dom said...

I was a latecomer to GBV. They were always one of those bands that I'd see listed in a magazine, but never really paid attention to. Until that is, I obtained a promo copy of Universal Truths & Cycles in 2002 and I became obsessed by the song 'Skin Parade'. The album itself was a strange thing, and I didn't really get my head around it at that time. In hindsight this all became clear; Bob Pollard's genius meant that he could do almost anything he liked, including put out songs that only last 36 seconds. How he made those seconds count though!

Years went by before my next purchase, 'Human Amusements...'. By this time the band were no more but luckily I was left with a treasure trove of a back catalogue. My obsession reached it's peak this year when I absolutely had to get my hands on as much GBV music as I possibly could. I am now the owner of all of their 'proper' albums, many of the EPs & B Sides, a couple of box sets, and some of Bob's solo stuff. I still have some way to go.....

Sure, there are some tunes that I still don't 'get', but there are many, many songs that are quite special (and that's understating things somewhat). With GBV there's something for everyone, it's just a hell of a job finding it.

Thanks for these tracks. I'm not sure if I already have them, but this music deserves to be broadcast in anyway, shape or form to as many people as possible.

Always remember, 'The club is open'.

PS. GBV are now also one of my top bands of all time too.

1:09 am, December 31, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for this show. I haven't listened to it yet, but I am sure it will be gret. When I discovered GBV in the 1990s, they renewed my faith in and love for music.

"Wondering Boy Poet" stuck on the end of the Suitcase is one of the greatest. Gorgeous Tobin Sprout piano.

Bruce K.

3:26 pm, January 01, 2007  
Blogger wwjblog said...

from one GBV fan to another:

i love you,
jesus Christ

4:43 pm, January 22, 2007  

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