Thursday, May 24, 2007

New Band Alert: Brenda

When I was handed a CD at last weekend's ATP by a member of a band going under the incredibly bad moniker of Brenda, I reaaaally wasn't expecting too much from it. However it turns out that one track on the EP is a rather stunning American Music Clubby/post-Grunge/post-rocky slice of excellence, and the other is a rather fun electro jam, neither of which make me think that Brenda is any better of a name, but both of which are very very good!

I've reports that they're a rather ace live band too, and as they're from Bournemouth they're doing a lot of stuff around the south coast soon, including a free gig at Southampton's wonderful The Hobbit on the 1st June.

The band's cd wasn't labelled that clearly so i'm not sure if the titles below are correct (one clearly isn't!), but you can get info on tour dates and a link to buy their EP from the bands official site.

Now i'm off to take more medicine and try to get better. I hate being ill :-(

Brenda - EP Sampler Track
Brenda - Jam


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice find Jamie. Mirri x

9:24 pm, May 24, 2007  

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