Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Vinyl Radio say there's A Better Time Coming...

Quite a while ago now I posted a few songs from the debut EP by Vinyl Radio, the rather tasty Fancy With A Pistol, which was a lovely blend of Stonesy roots rock and more propulsive MC5-esque garage stomp. A five piece hailing from San Diego, Vinyl Radio have been around for quite a while now, but perhaps the recent uber-love for aesthetically similar bands like The Hold Steady may mean that they'll soon start to see a little more attention. The bulk of their debut album A Better Time Coming... is a hugely enjoyable record that certainly shows them to be a band that are more than the sum of their influences. A comparable band might be The Hives, or maybe Brian Jonestown Massacre; obviously steeped in 60s psych and jangle, and yet because they have the knack for a good song, able to be seen as something new and worth listening to. Now I say debut album there because i've no idea whether they've had one before or indeed what label they're on. My promo copy is very much free of label info and so I can only assume it's self-produced (and perhaps therefore even more impressive!) You can get more info on the band over at their myspace. Enjoy.

By the way, the Destroyer mp3s below totally didn't work for the whole two weeks I went away on holiday. But they do now. Okay?

Vinyl Radio - I've Gone Soft
Vinyl Radio - Die Together


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