Monday, October 01, 2007

Alex Carson - Laughter In The Dark

Laughter In The Dark is the debut EP from Norwich's newest singer/songwriter/man Alex Carson, and mighty fine it is too. As there are so many awful male singer/songwriters around these days (hi Ben's Brother! FUCKING DIE!!!), they don't have to do much to offend me in some way. Thankfully Carson manages to be both professional enough to write great tunes, and not irritating enough to make his professionalism an excuse for mawkish lovelorn drivel (hi RyanDan! HI!!!). In fact, his EP is a lovely combination of well thought out Sparklerhosey lo-fi and nice whimsical British pop. He also uses seems to use a recorder on one song, which is generally always a good thing. See that Pulp song I can't remember for proof. Or that Belle & Sebastian one. That I can't remember. I've just got back from work. Forgive me. There's also a few hints of Bright Eyes in there (who i'm not a major fan of), in case that's your thing.

So yes, the EP is mighty great, and I don't actually think it's out yet, as such. So keep an eye on the man's myspace or website for more details, tour dates and more songs.

Alex Carson - Galapagos
Alex Carson - My Bones


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