Tuesday, September 25, 2007

To My Boy

To My Boy are a two piece synthpop combo (you can call that nu-rave if you like, but i'll punch you) whose debut album was co-produced by James Ford and Luke Smith of sadly shorted live electro-funk-devoites Clor. And indeed their music follows some of the same paths; catchy warm synth lines, some nicely programmed drum patterns, minor dashes of Devo and major hints of OMD. Some have indeed lumped them in with the aforementioned trash-genre of the week, but from the little i've heard of them they remind me far more of more lo-fi indie pop delights of yesteryear; Helen Love and Darren Hayman's The French. Their debut album Messages is out now, below is a bside and an acoustic version of their latest single, and if you want to catch em live they're on tour with Jakobinarina and PartyShank RIGHT NOW. Expect scenes of teenage embarrassment! Luverly. If you want more info check out their website.

To My Boy - Type 1 Type 2
To My Boy - Fear Of Fragility (acoustic)