Thursday, October 04, 2007

MIT - Good Book

The interesting thing with any supposedly new genre, and in this case i'm talking about the much maligned (and mostly for very good reasons) nu-rave, is that they often do allow for a few really interesting people to pop up. Britpop gave us Dodgy, but also The Auteurs. So amongst the awful fashion and predictable gash-rock of New Young Pony Club etc, it's only natural that there would be a few interesting people; after all it's not as if some of this stuff is that different from the Liars/Les Savy Fav/LCD Soundsytem dance-punk stuff is it? Aaaanyway the wonderfully named MIT are very german. And quite good! They have a really nice analogue sound to their electronics, and a hell of a lot of energy. As Julian Cope has demonstrated in his discussion of kraut and japrock, it's often foreign types that produce some of the most fun stuff in reaction to the bigger bands that pop up in any British or American scene. Thus although i'm not a fan of CSS, i can certainly see why they're doing so well given their stupid amounts of energy. This single from MIT is much the same, and it even has a synth that sounds a bit like something you'd finid on Jeff Wayne's War Of The Worlds. And is thus amazing. The bside is a one minute uber-manic blast that sort of resembles hardcore, so if we want to be even more irritating we could call it hardcore hardcore. Or not. A better thing to do, if we follow the rules of the genre, is to rip off that horrific rave tag and just call it nu-kraut. Hoorah! So yes, this is MIT's first English language single, it's out on XL/Half Machine, and it's worth a listen or two.

MIT - Goodbook


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