Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Kat Flint - Go Faster Stripes / Joseph

Kat Flint is a young Scotch lassy who's recently signed to Albino and is set to release her debut album Dirty Birds in a few months time. The two tracks i've been sent will make up a single thats due out in a few weeks, and mighty fine they both are. Listening to it made me wonder whether there's ever been a time in the last 30 years when there wans't a glut of shit singer/songwriters? Because there always seem to be a hundred faceless indistinguishable SSWs around, most of which I'm happy to ignore, knowing that the good will last a while and come back to my attention, and the others will fade away. At every open mic across the land you'll find them, playing a Paul Weller/Dido and then 'one of my own', throttling the humanity out of the most decent music lover. Last night I heard a twenty something woman covering The Darkness. So, when this sort of thing is allowed to happen in our dear sweet country, it's nice when someone pops up and actually writes songs that aren't just lists of cliched platitudes smothered in acousticity. Kat Flint makes these types look like the fools they are. She channels the purity of a Judee Sill with a bit of lo-fi Sparklehorse and thus whilst listening, made my tired brain happy. She's on tour over the next few months, so go support her. Here are the songs from the single in super shitty quality, which will hopefully inspire you to go get the physical product and experience them as they should be heard. More info on her myspace.

Kat Flint - Go Faster Stripes
Kat Flint - Josephe


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