Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Lemonheads / Evan Dando Rarity-a-thon

What with the recent news that the classic Lemonheads' platter It's A Shame About Ray will soon be reissued as one of those exciting deluxe packages, complete with bonus disc and DVD, I thought i'd get you all excited by jumping the gun and giving you a preview of some of the stuff that might be on it and some stuff that definitely won't be. I dug out some Lemonheads and Evan Dando singles and below are links to some of the otherwise unreleased stuff I found.

First up are four songs released on Lemonheads singles. Divan was on the Mrs Robinson/Being Around single back in 1992, and is one of many Smudge songs that Dando has covered over the years. The other three Lemons' songs are all taken from the If I Could Talk I'd Tell You cd single. Seagulls Aren't Free is a Dando original, while How Will I Know was of course recorded by Whitney and I Don't Want To Go Home was written by Tex-Mex hero Doug Sahm.

The second four songs come from the singles taken from Dando's only solo album to date, the most-excellent Baby I'm Bored. All are Dando originals (although co-written as many of his songs are nowadays, not that that's a bad thing), but in live or re-recorded versions. The alt. version of Shots Is Fired is notable for containing a vocal performance from Liv Tyler. It's...interesting.

Lemonheads - 01 Divan
Lemonheads - 02 I Don't Want To Go Home
Lemonheads - 03 How Will I Know
Lemonheads - 04 Seagulls Aren't Free
Evan Dando - 01 Shots Is Fired (Alt. version)
Evan Dando - 02 Tongue Tied 1999
Evan Dando - 03 The Same Thing You Thought Hard About Is The Same Thing I Can Live Without (live)
Evan Dando - 04 Hannah and Gabi (live)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"...though it wasn't hard or far, I walked you to your car" - the man really is a genius!

Cheers for this Jamie. Some more gems to listen to while I continue my search for a concert broadcast by Lamacq on Radio 1 on a Sunday night years ago, complete with a glorious cover of Gloomy Sunday.


6:09 pm, November 21, 2007  

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